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About Us

CC’s Landscaping is a full service landscaping company that was started by two 10-year-olds cutting their neighbors lawns in 2000 because they did not want to ask their parents for money to purchase sports playing cards. The two continued landscaping around their neighborhood, pulling 21” lawnmowers behind their bikes, with brooms and weed eaters on the handlebars.  

Throughout high school and college, Chris Smith purchased new equipment and expanded the business. Upon graduating high school, Chris attended Lake Erie College for 3 ½ years graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Entrepreneurship.  

CC’s Landscaping was incorporated in 2011, and continues to grow. With his years of experience, Chris has not only developed a business, he has created a way to express his passion of landscaping through the pride of his work and commitment of excellent service by knowledge at a competitive price.  

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Mission Statement:

At CC’s Landscaping, we pride ourselves in providing an unparalleled delightful relationship.  Our services speak for themselves, through our knowledge, professionalism, creativity, and experience.  We deliver the finest possible workmanship combined with cost-effective landscaping solutions.

We accomplish our mission through:

  • Our dedication to excellence in maintaining your property, and creating and installing new designs
  • Our focus on understanding your vision, and using our creativity and expertise to turn it into a reality for a long-lasting beautiful landscape
  • Our belief in quality and professionalism that extends to our customers, our employees, and our community
  • Our honesty with customers, believing saving the customer money by strategic planning, using the most cost-efficient/reliable products, and timely execution 

Staff Bio's

Chris Smith

Chris is the owner and his passion for landscaping is undeniable! He is constantly reading and learning about new practices and technologies in the industry. Starting his business at the age of 10 years old, Chris pulled a 21” lawnmower behind his bicycle around his Mayfield Heights neighborhood. Chris worked his way up to graduating from Lake Erie College in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and minor in Entrepreneurship. He is currently studying to become Landscape Industry Certified in Maintenance and Installation. A Landscape Industry Certified Technician is a proven landscape professional who has been certified through an internationally supported testing program administered by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and licensed to Ohio. Chris currently resides in Chesterland with his wife Emily, a CPA for BDO Accounting.

Quote: “You live and you learn “

Bernardo Coria Quintana

Bernardo was born in Michoacán, Mexico in a farming town where he learned the meaning of hard work. In 2008 he was fortunate enough to come to the USA on a visa to landscape. In 2011 he received his green card, shortly after he started working for CC’s Landscaping. His English was poor but his work ethic was not. In a short time, Bernardo worked his way to becoming the lead foreman and an invaluable member of the team. Five years later he is not only lead foreman but is also in charge of Hardscape, lead mechanic, residential snow removal, and visa worker relations for CC’s. We see big things for Bernardo and the sky is the limit. He is currently studying to become Landscape Industry Certified as an Irrigation Specialist. Bernardo currently resides in Mayfield with wife Daniella, a Director at Dino Palmieri Salon, and with their daughter Analenna.

Quote: "Don’t worry, be happy"

Francisco Carlin

Francisco was born in Leon, Mexico and moved to the USA as a child. He started with CC’s in 2015 with no previous landscaping experience. From the start, we knew he was an all-star. After only 2 months he was promoted to a foreman and hasn’t looked back since. He has a keen knack for business and understands the logistics of the bottom line. He willingly steps into various roles in times of need. He is always the first one in the door with coffee and donuts, getting things ready for the day. Not only does he assist in visa worker relations, he can successfully work in every aspect of landscaping. During the heart of busy season in the spring of 2016, two of our lead men were out for three weeks and Francisco stepped up. He continued to run his own crew but also made sure that the other two crews ran without missing a beat. He can handle anything thrown at him which makes him a rare landscape professional with his ability to bounce from different crews and lead them. We see big things for him and are honored to have him on our team. Francisco currently resides in Mentor.

Quote: “You should never regret anything in life… If it’s good, it’s wonderful… if it’s bad, it’s an experience “

Dominque Maddox

Domz is the newest member of our team but is no stranger in the landscaping industry. He has worked for some of the larger companies and we highly value his opinions and experience. Right from the start he was hired to run one of our maintenance crews and exceeded our expectations. Domz is always eager to learn and is passionate about being a landscape professional. He loves the snow and was recently promoted to our commercial snow removal route while still maintaining his residential route responsibilities. While leading his crew, he loves to teach other employees new ways to improve. Domz takes pictures of many of our jobs, which you can find in our Gallery. His love of art is valuable to CC’s, helping with new marketing and advertising and even re-designing our logo. Great things are to come for him and the sky is the limit in the landscaping industry. Domz currently resides in Wickliffe and loves pizza!

Quote: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee “

Michelle Catalona

Michelle is our office manager and the true heart of CC’s Landscaping. Her previous experience working as office manager in the veterinarian field has given her a unique insight to interacting with customers. Her confident and firm demeanor helps her manage and communicate with employees in a male dominated industry. Her passion for the company is amazing and she is always learning new aspects of the landscape industry and technology to improve customer relations. Michelle is always finding new ways to improve CC’s by creating customer surveys, easier payment options, having employees take pictures of problem areas, etc.… She’s the first one customers speak with and we cannot be happier with her and the energy she brings to CC’s Landscaping. Michelle currently resides in Chesterland.

Quote: “This Too Shall Pass… “

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