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Professional Landscape Design in Northeast Ohio

CC's Landscaping, Inc has over 20 years of experience providing our customers with creative landscape design, and our Northeast Ohio customers know they can trust our team due to our expertise. Now it’s your turn. Landscape design considers aesthetic and practical elements and arranges them for maximum effect. It is thoughtful, artistic, and personalized, taking landscaping to new heights. We will use our knowledge and dedication to your happiness to get the result you’ve long searched for. We are Belgrade and Unilock authorized contractors, and our association with each company results in top-notch work.

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An Art More Than a Science

Think of landscape design as a painting. Your lawn is the canvas; the paint is the flowers, shrubs, and hardscaping. We’re the artist that uses harmony, balance, proportion, and transition to create the perfect outdoor oasis. We can adjust to obstacles by turning them into strengths, and we do so by thinking about plant form and texture, line and color theory, and focal points.

How We Apply These Theories

Color & Line Theory

Flowers with contrasting and complementary colors are pleasing to the eye. Placing them in the right place will enhance their beauty.

Plant Form & Texture

We use shrubs and plants with “rougher” textures. They create a layered look when combined with flowers.

Focal Points

What is most important? Choosing a focal point helps make everything else pop and dazzle. We use our skills to find it.

3D Design Landscape

3D Designs on the Landscape Design page. Here are before, 3D Design, and after pictures of a project we completed last year.


Landscape Design


3D Design

Landscape Design


Landscape Design

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