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FAQs / Tips

Yes! CC’s Landscaping will visit any property to offer a free estimate for any job, large or small. Please Contact Us to schedule a meeting.

Yes! Depending on the size of the project being referred, we compensate relatively.

We are a small business and plan on staying this way. We offer friendly, personal service you will never get from the big companies. We are on the cutting edge of technology different from most other companies. This allows our employees always to be on time and to find the most efficient and effective way to complete each job. We offer almost all services of landscaping for your property; if we do not offer a service, we know many qualified services in which we can refer from excellent experiences. We are always competitive in pricing all our services. Our customers are confident about the superior service they receive at extremely competitive prices! We believe in the quote, “You get what you pay for, respectively”.

Please see our Services page for a listing.

CC’s has verified prints of all the work in the Gallery and has dozens of references for you to contact.

We accept three methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Apply Pay / Google Wallet
  • ACH Payment
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Financing is available upon request. As low as 0% upon approval.

Landscapers are not required to be licensed, however we obtain permits from cities that require them for certain jobs and carry a $1,000,000 General Liability Policy.

Because Landscaping prices vary a great deal depending on the job, amount of work, material, size, ext… we are unable to provide any quotes on the website. However, we will be happy to come to you to provide you with a free estimate at your convenience. Please Contact Us to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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  • If you change direction each time you cut the lawn, your grass will be less likely to develop a set pattern and blades will grow upright, in turn ensuring a more even cut
  • Edging a bed gives the landscape distinct lines, separates the lawn from the bed, and reduces the risk of weed infestation
  • Mulch retains water, inhibits weed growth, keeps soil temperatures from becoming too hot or too cold, and protects sloping ground from soil erosion
  • Simply trimming plants, weed removal, and edging a bed can greatly increase the look of a landscape
  • Homes with “excellent” landscaping can expect a sale price about 6 to 7 percent higher than equivalent houses with “good” landscaping while improving landscaping from “average” to “good” can result in a 4 to 5 percent increase
  • A study found 99% of real estate appraisers agreed that landscaping enhances the sales appeal of real estate
  • Properly maintained landscaping adds 15% to a home’s value according to buyers
  • A single urban tree can provide up to $273 a year in air conditioning, pollution fighting, erosion and stormwater control, and wildlife shelter benefits as well as reduce temperatures by as much as nine degrees Fahrenheit
  • A typical home lawn (50 ft. x 50 ft.) releases enough oxygen daily to meet the needs of a family of four for 24 hours and absorbs carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride, and other toxin
  • Comparing estimates “apples to apples” is the best way to find a good contractor. Ask for quantities of material being used for a project.

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