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Our Trustworthy Northeast Ohio Hardscaping Company

CC's Landscaping, Inc a locally-owned and -operated hardscaping company serving Northeast Ohio customers. We have worked with residential and commercial property owners to install hardscapes that enhance backyards and courtyards. Our free estimate will allow you to speak with our team members and express your wishes before we give you an accurate quote for our services. Whether you have already used our landscaping services or not, hardscape is an excellent way to use man-made structures like walkways to create outdoor living spaces. We also offer 2D and 3D designs for hardscape and design. For cutting-edge hardscaping and passionate customer service, trust us today.

hardscape firepit

What Is Hardscaping & How Can It Help Me?

Hardscaping uses decorative elements and structure to help make your landscaping look better. They are the organization elements that shape tree lines and flower beds, create backyard living spaces and safe walkways around the house. Our team can build various structures to improve your property, including stone retaining walls, patios of various materials, walkways, and more. In the past, we have consulted with our clients to build everything they need to feel at home outside their house. You can trust our team due to our track record and reputation for doing so on time and within your budget.

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Why an Authorized Contractor Is Your Best Bet

We are a proud authorized contractor by Belgrade and Unilock. Each organization has set standards we have to meet to maintain our authorized status. Unilock watches our processes during jobs and checks in three years after to ensure the quality of our work. You can be sure of our insurance status, and we provided three outstanding references to Unilock testifying to our work. This means our hardscaping work will pass the test in material quality and workmanship, resulting in long-lasting beauty.

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